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A Tradition of Superior Care in Assisted Living & Enhanced Assisted Living
Exceptional Dining Services in Assisted Living and Enhanced Assisted Living Communities

Creating a unique and high quality dining service experience for seniors residing in Assisted Living and Enhanced Assisted Living communities is of the upmost importance for the director of dining services and his culinary team at Home of the Good Shepherd in Saratoga County, NY.  Scott Priest, director of dining services, has made it his mission to use the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to create innovative and delicious meals for the residents of Home of the Good Shepherd.

As a locally owned non-profit organization with four communities located in Saratoga, Moreau, Wilton and Malta, we understand the importance of partnering with local farms and businesses to purchase items used to create our appetizing meals. Home of the Good Shepherd partners with numerous local farms and businesses to purchase dairy products, meat, home-grown produce and other essential items that make our dining experience exceptional.

In addition, what sets us apart from other Assisted Living and Enhanced Assisted Living communities is that all culinary staff are onsite in each community. We do not use processed food and offer many healthy meal options. Some of our healthy, nutritious meal options include: tuna steak, rack of lamb, risotto, field greens and some comfort food options such as Maine lobster macaroni and cheese, homemade cheeseburgers from locally sourced meat, and hot buttermilk pancakes topped with strawberry compote and fresh whipped cream.

As many of our residents are required to eat only modified food due to their health, we have stepped up to the challenge of creating appetizing and visually appealing meal options through our innovative Puree Program. Using only fresh ingredients, proteins are pureed in a raw state and then baked in a mold. We do not use food thickener with the puree to create the molded foods. We have discovered that the taste is far more pleasing when fresh ingredients are used and this provides the resident with a healthy, nutritious caloric valued meal. This process is different from the traditional Puree Program in which the cooked puree was frozen, reheated and served. 

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Dorma R, Daughter of Resident

"My 84-year old mother never imagined that she would be so happy at Home of the Good Shepherd! She loves the staff and enjoys the company of fellow residents. She can't believe how much there is to do and she loves not having to cook or clean anymore! Thank you for creating such a wonderful place.."

Donna L, Resident

"It was a difficult decision to face moving to an Assisted Living residence. I researched several places before deciding on Home of the Good Shepherd. Having settled in, all I can say is that I wished I'd made the decision about a year sooner. I love everything this place! The quality of my life has improved tenfold."