The Home of the Good Shepherd
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Enhanced Assisted Living

Some of the services provided in enhanced assisted living include but are not limited to assistance with mobility, incontinency care and assistance with feeding, dressing and bathing. We provide care for those with mild to moderate memory deficits such as cues for eating, directional assistance and participation in stimulating activities.

Other services offered are skilled nursing observation and documentation. The staffing levels in enhanced care are higher which allows more time for staff interaction with the residents.


Assisted Living Residences (ALRs) provide a range of settings designed to emphasize personal dignity, individual autonomy, independence, privacy and freedom of choice. As stated in the authorizing statute, ALRs were created to be a clear and flexible structure for congregate residential housing with supportive services.

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The Home of the Good Shepherd provides sufficient numbers of qualified staff to provide for resident needs and to safely evacuate residents in case of emergency, in accordance with: the resident's medical evaluation and Individualized Service Plan; applicable professional standards of practice; and the requirements of law. At no time will there be less than two people to provide resident supervision.

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