National Assisted Living Week – This is always a special week, this year even more so than the previous years. Our staff have gone above and beyond during this pandemic putting the needs of the residents and the families before their own. We cannot thank the families, residents and staff enough for such a loving week. Pancake and waffles with warm apples, blueberries and strawberries, but don’t forget the whip cream! Taco bar and nachos, Ice Cream Sundaes (yes we LOVE Ice Cream), BBQ, beans and Salad and don’t forget the pizza, wings and CAKE to end the celebration! So many families and staff chipped in to make raffle baskets, we added a couple more big prizes, staff decorated their masks, entertained themselves with the photo booth and played ICE BREAKER BINGO (I am pretty sure even the kitchen staff participated!!) Thank you again to all the staff, families and residents for making National Assisted Living Week such a heartwarming sucess.