Ben & Jerry's signClick here to support and give back to a local business that has always supported our community – Ben and Jerry’s

If asked to choose one word to describe Pat Pipino, most people would choose compassionate, generous, benevolent or any other variation of those words. Patrick is always the first one to stand up when others are in need. From donations of time and talents (and ice cream!), he is usually the first to say “How can I help?” This time we are looking to help Pat along with some of his neighbors.

Pat owns a Ben & Jerry’s in Saratoga Springs. As a small business owner, he was forced to close down his store and lay off workers due to COVID-19. Pat does however have pints of ice cream in inventory. I am looking to raise money to purchase the inventory which will be donated locally.

The ice cream we purchase will be donated to the Wesley Health Care Center and the Home of the Good Shepherd in Saratoga Springs. The Wesley Community provides long term care for seniors with chronic medical issues or dementia. The Home of the Good Shepherd is an assisted living facility that provides physical and emotional care to its residents and families. So many of our seniors are feeling isolated right now missing their families. We thought we would share some sweetness to brighten their day!